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Baby & Toddler Activities

At the beginning of the day staff choose a variety of activities, using the Early Years Foundation stage curriculum, and also that are dependent on the children that are in that day.  They choose activities which will be beneficial to the children attending that day helping each child develop and learn new things. 
The children in our nurseries are given the freedom to express themselves throughout the day and are supported in developing their potential at their own pace.  Your child’s happiness and welfare comes first at all times.

We understand that all babies are different with the care that they require so we ensure activities don’t interfere with the sleep times, nappy changing and feeding routines you have established at home.

Around the routines we ensure there is a wide range of play activities for the babies to enjoy, such as sensory toys, discovery mats, play mobiles, stacking blocks, singing and music as well as short story times and books which we introduce early to foster a love of language.

The activities we offer provide opportunities for learning social skills and making friendships from an early age.

We ensure our toddlers have a wide range of fun, creative and challenging activities which result in encouraging them to further their development.

The type of activities range from painting and sticking, singing, dancing, storytime, dressing up, small world play, puzzles and textured messy play with sand, water and jelly, to name but a few.  All the toys and equipment are all age appropriate and assist in areas such as communication, numeracy and problem solving skills.

Learning Diaries
Our staff record and monitor your child’s progress by collecting evidence such as observations and photographs to produce a portfolio of what your child has achieved and experienced during their time at Happy Hours and this goes in their Learning Diary.  Your child’s Learning Diary will be given to you when your child finishes their time at Happy Hours.

Baby & Toddler Activities at Happy Hours Nursery
Baby & Toddler Activities at Happy Hours Nursery

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