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Baby & Toddler Food

Getting children to develop good eating habits and to eat healthy food early on is vital.  We recognise that it is important to ensure that the children in our care are provided with nutritiously balanced food that will give them all the goodness they require for healthy growth, mental development and the best possible start in life.

All the children’s lunches are provided daily by an in house cook. They provide seasonal menus incorporating organic and local ingredients which are all cooked from scratch using fresh ingredients, using a wide range of flavours, textures and colours in their cooking to make eating meals fun and enjoyable. This is essential as what children eat at an early age, determines their choices and eating patterns in later life.

We can accommodate all dietary and cultural requirements including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free & nut free.

Milk Feeds and Weaning
For babies yet to be weaned we follow your feeding routine with the formula or breast milk that you provide.  We ask that the formula milk be ready measured and mixed into the child’s labelled bottles and brought into the nursery each day your child attends the nursery.

We understand that children are often at different stages of the weaning process and because of this our caterers offer a selection of weaning foods suitable for 6 months as well as a range of lunches and desserts suitable for 9-12 month old children.  We work in close liaison with you to ensure that your baby progress at their own pace.

For children who drink cow’s milk both bottles and milk are provided by the nursery.

Breakfast is included in the baby and toddler unit, as part of the fee for children staying with us for a ‘long day’.  Children need to be with us between 8am and 8.30am to have breakfast.  Adapted to your child’s likes and requirements and include weetabix, porridge, baby cereal or toast.

Baby & Toddler Food at Happy Hours Nursery
Baby & Toddler Food at Happy Hours Nursery
Baby & Toddler Food at Happy Hours Nursery

Snacks and Drinks
Snacks are provided mid-morning and mid-afternoon as part of the nursery fee and are adapted according to their age and food requirements (pureed, mashed, chopped, finger foods etc).  The mid-morning snack consists of different fruits and for the afternoon snack items such as raw vegetables, cheese, breadsticks, crackers, and houmous are provided.  Water, apple juice, squash and milk are provided as drinks.

For children staying for tea-time the food is prepared in the kitchen on each site by the staff and includes a wide range of tasty food such as sandwiches, crumpets, muffins, beans on toast, pasta bakes, fruit and yoghurt.

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